Thursday, February 9, 2012

W e e k l y G e e k y : T o o l K i t

Every girl needs a tool kit. Here is mine. My dad put it together for me shortly after I moved in to my apartment and it has come in quite handy, especially for hanging pictures, decorating, and even craft projects.  Now, I'm definitely not the handiest person when it comes to making repairs or putting things together, but I have picked up some skills over the years. Plus it's always fun to figure out how to fix something. Also quite fun to be able to tell the guys at the auto shop that I rotated the tires on my car (with guidance and help from my dad of course) and that they did not need to do it. 

And here's a great maintenance tip - speaking from experience - always keep a plunger on hand so you don't end up with a flooded bathroom at 9:30 at night and have to call the building maintenance man out at night in a thunderstorm. Thankfully, it was just running water that overflowed... and none of those other unmentionables....

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