Sunday, April 1, 2012

L i t t l e G i r l T u r n s 2 !

Before I begin on my rant about how much I love this furry little thing, let me reinforce that I am most definitely a "cat lady" and despite the jokes I am just going to accept that title. 

So, today my little girl turns 2,
 and while she has packed on the pounds, trips, slips, falls, and slams into things more than any other cat I have ever seen, gives me a bloody ankle or foot every now and then and always makes a big stinker when I have company.... I love her like crazy and she loves her mama (that being said, most of the time I think I'm seen as a giant toy who also has the power to produce food). She is a rather fearless, bold, friendly and curious little thing. I am amazed that she seems to have no concept of what the word "no" means but she knows exactly what "breakfast" means. She will trample over absolutely anything to get to a shadow or reflection of light on the wall, has a lot of 'blank' moments, loves to explore basements and cleanup cobwebs, prefers bread and crackers over fish and deli meat, enjoys sleeping on her back with all paws in the air, loves a good belly rub and seems to have no understanding of what her tail is for.  She is most definitely an excellent roommate and I can't imagine not having her around!

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