Monday, August 6, 2012

C r a f t B r e a k : P o m P o m F l o w e r s

So, Grad School starts in a couple weeks (yikes) and with that comes a new job... well, still the same department and same amazing boss, but a new project! Soon, I officially get to change my job title to "Graduate Research Assistant" - instead of the old undergraduate title. AND I get my very own office!!!
It's basically a blank slate, and I do love a blank slate when it comes to adding a few of my very own design touches.  In all of the initial decorating excitement I picked out a few small posters to hangup and decided to make these pompom flowers to add a softer element to an otherwise typically hard and modular office space. 
These flowers are particularly easy to make (especially if you have one of those pink thingys in the first picture - if not follow this guide). Once the pompom is made, cut out a felt petal piece and make a small slit in the middle. Insert the floral wire stem with the loop going directly into the flower and through the felt piece.  I add some tacky glue to the loop at the end of the wire to make sure the stem is securely connected to the flower.  
Fill up a vase and enjoy!
I think they add a lovely touch of handmade whimsy to any space!

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