Tuesday, May 21, 2013

C r a f t B r e a k : F e l t R o s e s

Felt is one of my favorite crafting mediums because it's cheap, easy to work with, and comes in a wide variety of colors. These little roses are quite simple to make and require only felt, floral wire, and glue. To make the rose; free-hand a shape and coil like the one pictured above (design inspired by this post). You could make a pattern but the best part about free-handing the design is that each rose comes out differently and this makes them look a bit more natural. Also cut a few leaves out of green felt to add later on.  Begin coiling the felt from the center of the coil and use hot glue to keep it all together. Then glue on the stem and leaves and your little rose is complete! These look cute in little vases and in another post I will be sharing way to turn them into a bouquet!

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