Monday, September 9, 2013

C r a f t B r e a k : L a p D e s k R e v a m p

I recently decided it was time to makeover my plain and dingy lap desk. Considering I am pretty much glued to my laptop (especially during the school year) it has served me well, because who really wants to come home and sit at a desk after you've been sitting at a desk all day at work? Enter lap desk and couch - still semi conducive to productivity and oh-so-much-more comfortable than a real desk. 
The inspiration for this design came from the amazingly lovely prints and patterns over at Rifle Paper Co.  I just love everything they make, but since they don't make super handy lap desks I had to go and create one on my own.  
If you have a dingy lap desk that needs a makeover here are the steps I followed:
1. Remove any cushion. Wet-sand lap desk with 600 grit sand paper.
Clean off any sanding dust from surface.
2. Evenly spray paint your base color over the entire hard surface. Let dry 
3. Break out your acrylic craft paints and get creative with your design. Let dry.
4. For protection and a glossy finish, add a couple thin coats of spray polyurethane. Let completely dry (I gave mine several days to harden) before using desk. 

Now sit back on your couch, grab your pretty new lap desk....
and get your homework done in comfort and style. 

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