Tuesday, October 22, 2013

C r a f t B r e a k : W o o d e n N e c k l a c e

I often come across pieces of jewelry where I think to myself, "I can make that." When I saw the necklace that inspired this project I thought, "My dad can make that." - And he did! I think jewelry making is the perfect combination of our skills, which makes for some fun father daughter projects. My dad has some impressive woodworking and metalworking skills and while I have more of the design role, it's fun to learn how to use different tools and techniques to make a neat piece of jewelry (the drill press is one of my faves)! I'm fortunate that my dad's skills allow for us to take on some more complicated jewelry designs, but you could still make a version of this necklace using wood cutouts from the craft store and paint or stain them to get your desired color, then drill small holes and attach the pieces with jump rings.   

So next time, you see an interesting piece of jewelry (especially if it's a tad out of your price range) take a moment to think about how you could DIY your own version. You might be surprised with what you can achieve! 
I have already have a couple new ideas lined up for the next time I'm home! 
FYI, Pinterest is a great place for inspiration (You can check out my jewelry inspiration board here). 

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Unknown said...

So cool that you are able to work on projects with your dad! It turned out great. Great photos as well by the way.