Friday, May 16, 2014

W e a v i n g : B e g i n n e r T e c h n i q u e s

Let's weave! For details on how to make the loom, check out this post. Once you have the warp in place, choose your first color and begin as shown below. Leave a bit of a tail when you start so you can secure the yarn later. Continue weaving back and forth until you get the desired amount of rows making sure to push down the yarn as you go and don't pull too tight! I like to use a large blunt needle to guide my yarn through the warp. 

Use different styles and weights of yarn to add visual interest.

To add additional texture you can also add Rya. Cut yarn into pieces a few inches long and wrap around the warp as shown below. 

When you start your second row of rya start with the second string of warp so your rya will alternate position. Continue this pattern of alternation until you have reached the desired amount and continue weaving as usual.

You can also add texture by weaving in strips of leather (as above) or add beads (as below).

When you've reached the end, weave in all of the ends into the piece. 

Flip over the loom and cut the warp strings.

Tie the warp strings into simple knots and add beads if you'd like.

Leave longer strings at the top to hang your piece.

And you're done!

I really enjoyed making this first piece and it's got me thinking of new techniques to try next time! 
(inspiration came from this lovely post)

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