Wednesday, May 14, 2014

W e a v i n g : C a r d b o a r d L o o m

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I've recently become obsessed with weaving! I will soon be making some wooden looms, but I got antsy and decided to make a simple cardboard loom to practice with. All you need to make this loom is a sturdy piece of cardboard, packing tape and scissors. I cut down the lid of a cardboard box (approximately 5x7") that I had sitting around and then wrapped a piece of packing tape over the shorter ends - this helps to reinforce the cardboard once it is cut. Using scissors (or an X-acto knife) make half inch deep cuts in the shorter ends of the cardboard. I made 10 cuts total on one end and then lined up my cuts with the other end. And that's it! You have a loom! To add the warp, I used cotton yarn and wrapped it around the loom from one end to the other just making sure to keep it taught and secure the ends. It's best to use a tougher fiber for the warp, so cotton yarn and bakers twine are a good choice. Stay tuned for a post showing how to use this little loom! 

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