Monday, July 14, 2014

W e a v i n g : S i m p l e W o o d e n L o o m

These little wooden looms are basically the sturdier version of the cardboard loom I previously made (check out this post and this post to see how to use this loom).   To make these, we used some inexpensive 1/4" thick craft wood and some scrap wood that was just lying around.  Measure out and place marks on each end approximately 3/10" apart and cut the marks with a scroll saw, sand and your little loom is ready to use! Mine are approximately, 6"x7" and 3"x12", but you can make them any size you want. I like the smaller size as it is easy to work and travel with. Coming up in a future post I'll share the first two little weavings I made with these! 

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